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The situation in the Bailiwick of Guernsey is at present on par with Jersey. Similar legislation has been passed, licencing for cultivation has been established and several companies are active within the sector. In July 2021, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the UK Home Office for medicinal cannabis cultivation licencing, including the establishment of the Bailiwick of Guernsey Cannabis Agency.

Substance Use Strategy

In June 2018, the Government of Guernsey announced a review of the existing Drug and Alcohol Strategy to guide the development of a new substance misuse strategy, which will also take into account the clinical effectiveness of medicinal cannabis.

Following a debate in the States of Deliberation in July 2020 on the Justice Review Report that was due to include three amendments to liberalise the law on cannabis, a Sursis Motivé was adopted that will require the Committee for Health & Social Care and the Committee for Home Affairs to "report back to the States with options for alternative and non-punitive approaches to the possession and use of small quantities of illegal drugs" following the publication of the Combined Substance Use Strategy.

The recently published Review of the interaction of health and justice system in relation to the possession of drugs for personal use has contributed to the formulation of the new Combined Substance Use Strategy.

Guernsey Cannabis Companies

Guernsey Cannabis News

  1. 26th August 2000 – Medical cannabis trials to start soon in Guernsey
  2. 13th February 2014 – Cannabis use is legal - under a special HSSD licence
  3. 15th May 2014 – Up to five islanders given licence to smoke cannabis
  4. 2nd May 2017 – Committee for Health & Social Care to consider making cannabis-based medication available to some patients
  5. 27th July 2018 – Cannabis update from HSC
  6. 15th October 2018 – ‘Dope tax’ of 20% if cannabis growing licensed
  7. 10th December 2018 – Medicinal cannabis 'is worth millions'
  8. 15th February 2019 – Cannabis farm to light up in Guernsey
  9. 22nd March 2019 – Majority ‘would not be bothered’ if the use of cannabis is legalised – deputy
  10. 11th June 2019 – Island 'one step ahead' of UK on drug misuse policy
  11. 22nd July 2019 – Medicinal cannabis legalised in Guernsey
  12. 4th December 2019 – Guidelines for cannabis growers in Guernsey launched
  13. 4th February 2020 – Second medicinal cannabis fund rolled out in Europe
  14. 19th February 2020 – CBD products now from local crop
  15. 7th July 2020 – Amendment seeks to relax laws on cannabis possession
  16. 23rd July 2020 – Review is to be held on decriminalising cannabis
  17. 7th August 2020 – Guernsey's first healthcare cannabinoid investment fund
  18. 10th August 2020 – Man with brain tumour in plea for cannabis amnesty
  19. 22nd August 2020 – HSC plans to relax medicinal cannabis laws
  20. 30th September 2020 – Medicinal cannabis laws relaxed
  21. 23rd November 2020 – Home reviewing "alternative" sentences for personal use cannabis
  22. 11th February 2021 – Committees say no to call for amnesty on cannabis
  23. 20th March 2021 – Guernsey Structures - The Cannabis Investment Conundrum
  24. 20th April 2021 – Cannabis helping to keep the finance sector busy
  25. 29th April 2021 – Growing cannabis industry while punishing personal use "as hypocritical as Saudi Arabia hosting an international distillery"
  26. 3rd May 2021 – Fears medicinal cannabis is being sold on black market
  27. 17th May 2021 – The House of Green — Guernsey’s “Saving Grace” As Cannabis Reform Spreads Through Europe
  28. 10th June 2021 – Cannabis regulation and taxation "is the right way to go"
  29. 30th June 2021 – Medicinal Cannabis Agreement 'Imminent'
  30. 14th July 2021 – New Channel Islands Cannabis Industry Association formed to support the industry
  31. 22nd July 2021 – Guernsey welcomes licence applications for the cultivation of cannabis for use in cannabis based products medicinal (CBPM)
  32. 23rd July 2021 – Cannabis to be grown locally after UK ratification
  33. 27th July 2021 – ‘Cannabis will drive revival of horticulture’
  34. 31st July 2021 – New strategy could look at drug sentences policy
  35. 13th August 2021 – FOCUS: The reasons behind the boom in medicinal cannabis prescriptions
  36. 18th August 2021 – Guernsey resident elected to Co-Chair UK Cannabis Industry Council
  37. 8th September 2021 – New Cannabis Cultivation Licensing System Attracts Multiple Applicants
  38. 9th September 2021 – Politicians welcome growing interest in commercial cannabis cultivation
  39. 13th September 2021 – Guernsey’s first cannabis clinic opens its doors
  40. 15th September 2021 – Healthy Demand For Guernsey’s First Medical Cannabis Cultivation Licences With Applicants Bullish On Prospects
  41. 23rd September 2021 – FOCUS: “It’s mind-blowing the amount of drugs they’ve now come off”
  42. 15th October 2021 – Exponential growth in medicinal cannabis use
  43. 28th October 2021 – Cannabis call deserves consideration
  44. 31st October 2021 – Leadbeater leaves Home Affairs after drug policy stand-off with its President
  45. 2nd November 2021 – Guernsey States set to debate cannabis legalisation
  46. 4th November 2021 – Fears that "regulatory red tape" could "strangle" Guernsey’s cannabis industry
  47. 15th November 2021 – Cannabis industry pioneer joins House of Green Guernsey team
  48. 16th November 2021 – FOCUS: Kicking anti-depressants for medicinal cannabis "has been my catalyst for change"
  49. 22nd November 2021 – Economic Development President: "Jersey is all show"
  50. 23rd November 2021 – Guernsey issues its first licence to cultivate Cannabis-Based Products Medicinal
  51. 25th November 2021 – Guernsey Issues Its First Medical Cannabis Cultivation Licence To 4C Labs With More Set To Follow
  52. 26th November 2021 – Medical cannabis firm could create more than 60 jobs in Guernsey
  53. 29th November 2021 – Virtual And Physical Cannabis Clinics Planned
  54. 29th November 2021 – New import fee for medicinal cannabis into Guernsey
  55. 29th November 2021 – Construction begins on cannabis cultivation facility after first licence granted
  56. 1st December 2021 – Money laundering challenges for cannabis businesses
  57. 15th December 2021 – First Cannabis Clinic Granted Licence
  58. 22nd December 2021 – Guernsey’s first medical cannabis clinic sees surge in patients
  59. 12th January 2022 – Deputy seeks clarity on cannabis MoU between Guernsey and UK
  60. 21st January 2022 – Imperium assists with first Guernsey medicinal cannabis and psychedelics regulated fund
  61. 29th January 2022 – Growers facing £0.5m losses fear "cannabis is finished for us"
  62. 1st February 2022 – Bailiwick of Guernsey Cannabis Agency issues cannabis licence in relation to CBD production
  63. 4th February 2022 – First CBD production license issued to company in Guernsey
  64. 6th February 2022 – FOCUS: The complications of a new industry with rigorous standards
  65. 9th February 2022 – HSC – medicinal cannabis industry already covered by law
  66. 11th February 2022 – Islanders asked for their views on health-oriented approaches to substance use as part of improvements under Justice
  67. 14th February 2022 – Deputy "keeping his eye on" medicinal cannabis regime
  68. 2nd March 2022 – Q&A with Greg Dobbin
  69. 7th March 2022 – Drug crime survey garners more than 850 responses
  70. 8th March 2022 – Making drug abuse a health issue
  71. 13th April 2022 – Guernsey Police warning over Class A CBD Gummies
  72. 21st April 2022 – Fewer than 100 gummies handed in during Class A drugs amnesty
  73. 22nd April 2022 – More than 5,000 medical cannabis licences given by States of Guernsey
  74. 29th April 2022 – Calls to legalise cannabis in Guernsey
  75. 4th May 2022 – FOCUS: Letter claims Guernsey is inadvertently "shutting down" most of the cannabis industry
  76. 5th May 2022 – Medicinal cannabis: "The reselling of any controlled drug… is illegal"
  77. 6th May 2022 – Guernsey: The Uncertain Cannabis Future
  78. 13th May 2022 – Cannabis law review moves closer - and States to debate GP costs
  79. 17th May 2022 – Guernsey to review legal status of cannabis
  80. 19th May 2022 – PODCAST: P&R VP backs HSC on cannabis review

Cannabis in Alderney

States of Alderney Cannabis Debate

On the 13th June 2018 the States of Alderney conducted a debate without resolution on the subject of cannabis focusing on:

  1. The cultivation of 'THC-free' varieties of cannabis for medicinal purposes.
  2. Reducing the penalties for cannabis possession.
  3. Decriminalisation of small amounts of cannabis for personal use.

Alderney Cannabis Companies

Alderney Cannabis News

  1. 10th June 2018 – Alderney will vote on whether to legalise cannabis this week as the Channel Island considers positioning itself as Britain's first Amsterdam-on-sea
  2. 13th June 2018 – Alderney not next "Amsterdam on the sea", will just talk cannabis
  3. 11th December 2018 – Company in Alderney wants to grow hemp
  4. 10th May 2019 – First cannabis crop to be planted 'this month'
  5. 23rd November 2020 – Alderney aims to become "centre of excellence" for medicinal cannabis
  6. 7th June 2021 – ‘Alderney could be new Amsterdam if Guernsey States got its act together’

Cannabis in the Isle of Man

Public Consultation on Cannabis

In February 2019, the Isle of Man Government undertook a Consultation on Cannabis for medicinal use and industrial hemp production, which showed public support for both aspects. A further consultation on the decriminalisation of small amounts of cannabis for personal use is to follow.

In June 2021, a regulatory framework for the licensing of cultivation of cannabis was introduced in the Isle of Man, overseen by the Gambling Supervision Committee.

Isle of Man Cannabis Companies

Isle of Man Cannabis News

  1. 21st April 2019 – Isle Of Man Could Be The First Place In The British Isles To Decriminalise Cannabis Possession
  2. 18th June 2019 – Isle of Man public back growing cannabis for medicinal use
  3. 13th July 2019 – Cannabis companies want to set up in island
  4. 24th October 2019 – Minister under fire for lack of action on cannabis
  5. 17th December 2019 – Advantages of legalising cannabis on the Island debated at Isle of Man Business Network event
  6. 26th July 2020 – Medicinal cannabis regulations expected in October Tynwald
  7. 30th September 2020 – More money for Manx medicinal marijuana
  8. 21st October 2020 – Farmer hopes first hemp 'test crop' will be sown next year
  9. 26th October 2020 – The Isle Of Man's Plan To Become A Leading European Legal Cannabis Hub
  10. 20th December 2020 – Applications to grow cannabis expected by February
  11. 20th January 2021 – Tynwald approves licensing system to grow cannabis on IoM
  12. 10th March 2021 – Medical cannabis: regulating a new export market on the Isle of Man
  13. 18th March 2021 – Legalise medicinal cannabis plans 'not a priority' for IOM
  14. 11th June 2021 – Licence applications for cannabis exports opened by Isle of Man Government
  15. 23rd June 2021 – Let's legalise cannabis for recreation
  16. 2nd August 2021 – 'Encouraging' response to medicinal cannabis export market
  17. 9th September 2021 – Isle of Man election: Garff candidates reignite cannabis debate
  18. 27th September 2021 – The Isle of Man Looks to Become a Medical Cannabis Hub
  19. 8th November 2021 – Isle of Man - Medical Cannabis is still illegal
  20. 9th November 2021 – Medicinal Cannabis Plan for Airport Tech Gateway?
  21. 8th December 2021 – No cannabis licences granted yet admits minister
  22. 16th February 2022 – Peel plans £100m cannabis production complex
  23. 23rd February 2022 – Medical cannabis on Isle of Man: Minister welcomes sector growth
  24. 10th March 2022 – Enforcing cannabis laws 'threatens police legitimacy'
  25. 10th March 2022 – Private Medicinal Cannabis Prescriptions Will Be Available Soon
  26. 25th April 2022 – New Pilot Could See Patients On The Isle Of Man Gain Access To Medical Cannabis For The First Time